Aliasr works like a url shortener, but with the ability to send the shortened link before a website is linked to it.


Integrating Aliasr in to your image sharing application allows your users to send links to images before they are even finished uploading.


When you navigate to an Aliasr alias, your browser is redirected to the url associated with it. If there is no url associated yet, you will be shown a waiting page. As soon as the url is available, you will be redirected.

Before the image is ready

When someone opens an aliasr link to an image that has not finished uploading, they will be greeted with a loading page. As soon as your application informs aliasr of the image location, anyone viewing the loading page will be immediately redirected to the image.

After the image is ready

Once aliasr is aware of the image location, any future visits to the aliasr link will be immediately redirected to the image location.